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Between the cushion of the chair and the floor we got consistent
high EMF readings on a K2 meter and Mel meter.
We did not detect such high EMF's anywhere else in the home.
I had the families daughter hold on to both meters while other family
members asked questions. My video shows a shooting anomaly
coming from the floor and moving up torward the left side of cushion.

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This video was actually taken at the Carriage House next to the Mark Twain House on the same night.
The Carriage house is an old home converted into office space.
In the video, you need to look closely at the right wall, toward the bottom third, where the anomaly first appears,
shooting and sloping down to the left and disappearing into the left wall.

Slater Mill, Silvana Brown House, KII, RemPod, and Spirit Box Sessions

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U.S.S. Salem, Quincy Mass.

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