Rick Callahan is a nature and landscape photographer from Thornton, New Hampshire and Storrs, Connecticut. He has been a photographer since 1980. Rick travels throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland and the Caribbean and particularly loves the natural beauty of the White Mountains and Southwest US and believes the only souvenirs needed from his travels, are his photographs.

He was a member of 2 camera clubs over a period of 10 years and during this time received numerous local and regional awards. He served as a judge for the annual Woodstock, CT fair and local camera club competitions. He specializes in local New Hampshire scenes, floral photography, Southwest US landscapes and wildlife photography.

He uses Canon 35 mm and Pentax medium format film cameras, as well as Canon D30 and 5D digital cameras for his prints and Note/Greeting cards.

Rick entering lower slot canyon
Rick entering lower slot canyon, Page, AZ

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